1. What is the Foundation?
    The mission of the Foundation is to raise funds to bridge the gap between public funding and the cost of a high quality education. The Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer-based, community organization dedicated to fostering and enriching the tradition of educational excellence in the Hoover City School District. Our award winning schools, outstanding educational programs, and strong community support all make the Hoover School District an exceptional environment for children to flourish. Maintaining this standard of excellence requires annual community support.

  2. Isn’t public education free?
    A basic public education is free, but our District’s governmental funding sources are insufficient to continue to provide the educational excellence and innovative teaching that we parents desire and our children deserve.

  3. Why should I donate to the Foundation?
    Many forces are straining our school district’s budget: 1) Our extraordinary schools have drawn attention to our community, leading to significantly higher enrollment. Enrollment has grown 169% since the formation of the Hoover City Schools District, yet our district has not received any additional funding for increased enrollment. 2) In the past 8 years, revenue per student has decreased from $13,715 to $11,325. 3) Over the past several years, the district has experienced declining revenues from the state and other sources. The enduring success of our schools and students depends to a great extent on the continued, generous private support from the community. The combination of high enrollment and declining revenues from state, local, and federal sources make growth in Foundation support more critical than ever.

  4. Is the Foundation independent of the school system? 
    Yes, the Foundation Board is composed of volunteers from the community who serve three year terms. The Board functions independently of the school system, but always with the needs of the school system in mind.

  5. What are the top priorities for funding by the Foundation? 
    The Foundation focuses on funding these categories: College and Career Readiness, Fine Arts, Intervention, Professional Development, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

  6. How are grants awarded to the schools? 
    Each spring, the Foundation issues an RFP to the schools. Teachers at all the schools submit their grant requests to the Foundation Board. These grant applications are reviewed and awarded based on many factors. A few of these factors include: (1) does the request fall into one of the categories funded by the Foundation? (2) does the request impact a large number of students? (3) can the program be replicated in other schools? Each year, the Foundation grants over $30,000 to teachers for innovative ideas.

  7. I already give to my school’s PTO. Why should I give to the Foundation?
    Hoover City Schools Foundation PTOs/PTAs
    The Foundation collaborates with parents, teachers and community members to raise money for the school district budget for enhanced curriculum, professional development, and STEM projects. The PTOs collaborate with teachers and school administration at each school to sponsor, fund and staff school enrichment activities.
    The Foundation supports all 17 schools in the district. Our teacher grants are usually “testing grounds” for ideas that could be adopted district-wide. The PTOs are focused on the extras at their individual school. Teacher appreciation, extra equipment, school-wide events, etc. These are all important needs but very different from the focus of the Foundation.

  8. Isn’t the Foundation supported by an endowment? Can my donation really help?
    Our teacher grants are made possible through the interest from a $500,000 endowment from Alabama Power. With the support of the community, the Foundation could do much more to help the district succeed. We have approximately 14,000 students in our district. If every student gave just $36 a year, we would raise $500,000. This money would be used to fund new school-wide and district-wide grants, filling gaps from reduced governmental funding.

  9. Is my donation to the Foundation tax deductible?
    The Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and contributions should qualify for charitable income tax deduction. Donors should contact their own tax advisor regarding individual situations.

  10. How can I make a donation?
    Making a donation is easy. Visit the Hoover City Schools Foundation website at www.hoovercsf.org/donate-today or our Facebook page for information on how to make a donation. You can also contact Shelley Shaw, Interim Executive Director at 205-492-6014 or shelley@shellyshaw.com for more information.