College & Career Readiness

Since its inception, the Foundation has funded many grants designed to help prepare students for College and Careers. Here are some examples of recent grants:

$1,468 awarded to a team of three teachers at Green Valley Elementary School to enhance the reading program and integrate current events into reading and writing standards.

$610 awarded to a teacher at Green Valley Elementary School for "Geared Into Learning," a project designed to give students hands-on experience intended to enhance problem solving, fine motor skills, analyzing/planning skills, prediction skills, etc., through clock building with gears and small pieces.

$1,500 to a teacher at Spain Park for a "Forensic Science Primary Anthropology Set," designed to allow the forensic science program to establish a hands-on approach to learning by allowing students the opportunity to actively experience the differences of the skeleton based on gender and race, as well as observe the ways that skeletal damage can indicate cause of death.

$1,970 to two teachers at Spain Park for a project to place an aeroponic tower garden in two classrooms, allowing environmental science students to study nutrient recycling, limits to resources for food production, and methods for improving resources. It also allows anatomy students to learn about nutrients utilized in this unique and innovative growing system, relate it to the needs of the human body, and study the importance of food choices and the effect on our physiology.

$2,000 to a group of five teachers at Trace Crossings for an innovative project called “Mobile Play: The Indoor/Outdoor Imagination Playground.” This project will provide an open area of play to unlock the creative spirit in children, and allows students to learn how to build using 3D models and then recreate their work in a physical setting. This will encourage community building and collaborating with peers, and will align inquiry-based projects, problem solving, and questioning through physical education. It also combines brain and body to create the play environment, and provides learning and growth in the areas of symmetry and geometry.

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