Board Members and Friends of the Foundation

The Foundation is expanding, and we are currently accepting applications for new supporters who are passionate about giving back to our children through our schools so that students can reach their full potential. Those interested in becoming a Friend of the Foundation may apply year-round. Please fill out the online application found here:

Friends of the Foundation

If you are passionate about public education in Hoover and want to be more involved, please consider our new Friends of the Foundation group. This group of dedicated volunteers will work closely with the Board of Directors on committees and programming. This group will meet 3-4 times a year, either together or in smaller committees, and help Board members achieve the mission of the Foundation through fundraising efforts and programming.

The Friends of the Foundation group is a great way to get involved without overcommitting. Since it is a brand new group, it will evolve through the efforts of its members. Join us and chart a new course!

Leroy Banks

Lucas Dorion

Chantal Hopkins

Anna Parker

Bevin Tomlin

Jana Newton

Board Members

Board Member applications are on a rotating basis. Below you will find more information.

What does it take to be an HCSF Board Member?
• Passion to make our schools better and improve student achievement and character
• Ability to generate funding – through personal and business networks
• Willingness to share professional expertise with the Foundation
• Willingness to serve, actively, on two or more standing and/or ad hoc committees
• Active attendance at meetings every month
• Participation in school district and Foundation activities and events
• Willingness to serve a three year term

Responsibilities of Board Members include:
• Understanding and promoting our mission
• Gaining a working knowledge of the organization's programs and services
• Being a working member of at least two Board committees annually
• Assisting in membership development
• Advocating for the organization
• Helping to educate the community about the Foundation
• Actively participating in board meetings, annual Board retreats and annual meetings
• Reviewing Board meeting materials before the meeting
Time Demands (approximate)
• Attending and actively participating in at least 75% of Board meetings in a 12-month period.
• Reviewing Board meeting materials prior to the meeting
• Meetings 2nd Friday of most months - 8:30am even months and 11:30am odd months
• Committee/work group - 1-2 hours per month or as needed
• Participation in events (time varies) -
• Denim and Dining planning, fundraising, logistics
• Other Foundation-sponsored program and fundraising events
• Commit to 36 Annual Fundraising Campaign - 1-2 hours per week for 1 month
• Active participation through letters, emails, social media, etc.
• Annual planning retreat – 1/2 day in July
• Participating in an orientation for new Board members

Jason DeLuca

Matthew Allen
Vice President

Takeria Stephens

Susanne Russell

Jeff Backus

David Cohen

David Conner

Paul Demarco

Sara Franklin

Shilpa Gaggar

Lucy Jordan

Debbie Mar